Privacy Law

In accordance with Article  13 (1,2) of the General Data Protection Regulation approved on April 27th, 2016, I hereby inform as follows:

1) your data administrator is  Szkółka Krzewów Ozdobnych mgr inż. Aleksander Walaszczyk mgr inż. Marcin Walaszczyk ul. Architektów 88 43-346 Bielsko-Biała

2) your personal data will be processed:

  1. a) for contact purposes (e.g. promotion campaigns);
  2. b) for marketing purposes (online commercial communication);
  3. c) for archival purposes;
  4. d) for defining, claiming and defense in case of any claims upon each other;

the legal basis for processing  Article 6 (1 )(f) of GDPR i.e. our legitimate interest of undertakings. If certain marketing activities require agreement being a result of separate regulations, these actions shall be performed with your consent.

3) your personal data receivers will be persons authorized to data processing in the course of their duties. Your data may be directed to entities providing us with services necessary to execute a contract, e.g. couriers, deliverers, as well as to entities providing us with IT services and the professional entity authorized by us to sending correspondence by mail or e-mail;

4) your data shall not be passed to a third country / international organization;

  • your personal data shall be processed for a period necessary for the purposes referred to in point 2, and after that period till the moment of limitation status of potential claims or expiry of obligation for data storage resulting from law regulations.  In case of processing personal data on the basis of justifiable interest of the Administrator (e.g. for marketing purposes), the data shall no longer be processed for defined purposes at your objection, revocation of consent (if your data was processed on the basis of consent), or if we are informed about your data to be outdated.
  • you are free to access and edit your data, to limit processing, to transfer your data, to object or to  revocate consent at any moment with no influence on compatibility with the law of processing  (*if processing is based on a consent), which was performed on the basis of agreement before its revocation;
  • you have the right to complain with Inspector General (GIODO) when you find your personal data processing to be against the law of the General Data Protection Regulation approved on April 27th, 2016;
  • providing personal data in respect of applicable laws and regulations concerning statutory proceeding is obligatory, otherwise, it is optimal;
  • your data shall be processed automatically.
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